No one wants to see the dreaded check engine light (CEL) displayed on their dashboard, but it’s an invaluable warning sign that your car requires prompt attention from ASE Certified mechanics, like the ones here at Fred’s Service Center.

Our professional service staff offers a range of diagnostic services to uncover any potential issues with your vehicle. So let our team troubleshoot your car troubles and get you back on the road with the peace of mind you deserve.

The trained and certified technicians at our Randolph, WI, auto repair shop offer the following vehicle diagnostic services:

Schedule a Car Diagnostic Test at Fred’s Service Center

If your car just isn’t running right, or its check engine light is on, it’s time for a visit to our auto service center in Randolph. Our trained and certified technicians can determine what’s causing the CEL to display or why your vehicle is not performing its best.

You may be tempted just to keep driving your car, SUV or pickup truck, but we recommend getting your vehicle inspected and tested by highly skilled service technicians like the ones here at Fred’s Service Center.

Our diagnostic services are quick and affordable. Plus, our vehicle diagnostic testing could save you substantial time and money down the road by catching drivability issues before they become a much larger problem!

Feel free to contact us online or at 920-326-2052 with any questions about diagnostic testing services for your particular vehicle.

We look forward to assisting you soon! You can also schedule a service appointment online.