Does your car make you feel like you’re driving down a rough road even when you’re cruising a freshly paved Randolph, WI, roadway? Or, have you noticed that your car or truck isn’t handling as sharply as it once did?

If your vehicle isn’t providing the smooth ride and confident control you’re used to, then your suspension system might need service.

Visit Fred’s Service Center for a Suspension Inspection

A car’s suspension comprises several components, including springs, shocks, struts, sway bars and ball joints. Each of these suspension parts plays a crucial role in helping your vehicle maintain constant contact with the road and provide a safe and comfortable ride for all occupants.

Sometimes, even a single pothole can throw your suspension or alignment out of whack.

Common signs that a vehicle requires suspension repairs include:

No matter the reason for your car’s suspension troubles, the team at Fred’s Service Center is eager to assist. We can quickly diagnose the cause of your suspension issues, then complete repairs to restore comfort and safety to your car, SUV or truck.

Schedule Suspension Service Today

Don’t wait to get your vehicle’s suspension sorted; contact us online or at 920-326-2052 for an estimate or stop by our Randolph, WI, auto repair facility for an inspection.

If you’d like to schedule shock or strut replacement or other suspension repair, don’t hesitate to book your service visit online now.